This is me!

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I am a local mum of two and although I have tried all sorts of jobs in the past sewing and teaching have been a constant love in my life! 

I am a qualified adult literacy teacher who specialised in family learning and teaching teenagers helping me to develop lots of patience!

I also know that many of you (like me!) are running around helping other family members to do what they want which means that often you don't get a chance to sit, chat and try something new yourself.

My aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to do this - there is no homework and no materials to buy beforehand.......

Just turn up, drink coffee, eat cake, chat, create and leave with a something you can show off to the family!


My lovely family without whom I couldn't do my job! (....either by trying out the projects, modelling or just getting me out of the studio and into the fresh air!)