I have never sewn in my life? Would I be able to do the classes?

Absolutely! I would recommend that you look out for sewing classes advertised as ‘Beginner’s’ and that you try to do about 3 or 4 of these projects before moving on to more advanced projects.

In the beginner’s classes, time is set aside for you to learn how to use a machine and few techniques before starting on the project for the evening. We move through straight stitches, corners, curved lines, adding gussets and then adding zips! You will always leave with a completed item at each class and will feel confident in no time!


I already sew quite a lot, are there some sewing classes suitable for me?

Yes! I tried to plan a variety of projects and try to include new techniques as much as I can. I like nothing more than spending a night lost in Pinterest looking out for new techniques to try. If you want more practice with certain techniques or would like to try something more creative like free machine embroidery look out for the project descriptions on each photograph.


I can’t come to evening workshops, do you do daytime sewing classes too?

Whilst many of my workshops take place in the evening, I also do weekday and some weekend daytime workshops (please click here to check out the latest available workshops). If the dates or projects still aren’t quite right, you can book a private workshop (please click here)


The workshop I wanted to do is full, what can I do?

If a workshop you wanted to do is full, please get in touch with me! If there are any cancellations you can then be the first to know PLUS if I get enough additional enquiries I might even be able to put on another workshop!

You are welcome to visit and join the Sew Need a Drink Group on Facebook where you can ask other members if they are also interested in attending an extra class.

Please visit my contact page to get in touch with me.


What if I don’t finish in time?

It is very rare for anyone not to finish on the day or evening (please be assured that I don’t throw people out!) although sometimes there may be a bit of hand sewing to finish off at home.

If for some reason you don’t complete a project I provide an additional 1/2 hour of free tuition during the day (pre-booked) to help you complete it. I can also provide advice over the telephone or Facebook messenger.


What if I have to cancel after booking?

I understand that sometimes, even with the best of intentions, things can get in the way and you may have to cancel.

I will, in the first instance, try to find a replacement for your space. If I can do this, you will receive a full refund.

If I am unable to find a replacement, you will receive a kit for the booked project and I will be available for assistance for you to complete the project at home.

Please see the full terms here.


Do you have disabled facilities?

The studio is accessible by ramp but this is at the top of quite a steep hill and so I would suggest you park at the top of the hill or ask someone to drop you off here.

There are no further steps and I can reserve the first machine space in the studio for you for ease of access. However, please note that there are no disabled toilets (the toilets are on the same level however).

I can assist you with accessing all equipment during the session.

Please let me know if you have any extra needs when booking or you can contact me directly here for assistance.